Referral Marketing with Social Media for Restaurants

Interesting study by Bookatable with 635 diners: More and more restaurant goers share their taste experiences during dining in social networks. According to this, 31% of the participants said that they have shared their restaurant visit at least once on Facebook & Co. The interesting thing: 88% of the culinary Facebook community shared their dining experience, especially if the food was particularly good. Only 8% posted their negative restaurant experiences.

The most popular social media channels for interactive menus recommendation are Facebook and WhatsApp:

bookatable poll social media in restaurants

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91% of the active guests take advantage of Facebook. In addition, 47% used for this purpose the social short messaging service WhatsApp (multiple answers possible).
“You eat with your eyes first”: Two-thirds of socially active guests spread their gastronomic experiences through photo post. Restaurateurs have realized the digital trend and the dialog opportunity: 98% of them are on Facebook, 30% on Google+ and 23% on Twitter.

In addition to the results by Bookatable, we want to add a recommendation for “socializing” in restaurants and other spots: the photo and video sharing-app and “Facebook child” Instagram (200 Mio. monthly users worldwide in March 2014) and the check-in-service Foursquare (45 Mio. users and 5 billion check-ins in January 2014). Two more of different kind of ways to (inter)act on the Social Web!

Our recommendation: Use all available touchpoints to get in contact and connect with your clients/ audience. Social Media has a huge potential regarding this field. Therefore, listen to your clients on the different channels and use them as ambassador for your company, your brand or your products. This is not only important for restaurants, but as well for EVERY other business!
Think about your strategy: Is Online Marketing – with Social Media as one part of it – as important as it should be in your strategy in these digital days?
Resulting from innovation and mutability processes, there will be more and more platforms and channels like these in the future. We will see what benefits these tools can bring for your clients and your business.

If you have any other social recommendation regarding this issue, feel free to comment!

Find the results of the survey by Bookatable here (in German only).

Text and formulation by Daniela Leonhard, Social Media Manager MARTIN SUITER – Consultancy


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